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82152 Planegg, Deutschland

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Biomax was founded in 1997 with the mission to develop software solutions based on the actual needs of life science organizations. In pursuit of this goal, Biomax developed a systematic client consultation process that includes evaluation, feedback and optimization. As a result, Biomax has developed software solutions which address both highly specific and general research needs along the discovery-process pipeline. These software tools and content offer a robust foundation for expanding and building new bioinformatics solutions.
Today, life science organizations need access to relevant knowledge at the right time and in the right context to cut costs and enable efficient prioritization of research and production tasks based on well-defined objectives. To meet this need, Biomax provides computational and knowledge solutions which infer and manage the knowledge indispensable for efficient decision making.

Nachrichten unserer Mitglieder

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  • Genedata Expands Partnership with MorphoSys to Support New Antibody Libraries and Developability Assessment

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  • BIOMAX INFORMATICS announces the 2016 Biomax Symposium: “Bringing Big and Complex Data into Clinical Practice”

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  • BRAIN setzt positive Geschäftsentwicklung im ersten Halbjahr 2015/16 fort

    Brain AG31.05.2016Mehr
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