Industry initiative to promote white biotechnology

At the end of 2006, eminent German industrial concerns from the chemical, pharmacological and nutrition sector as well as leading technology companies joined to form the Industrial Association Microbial Genome Research (Industrieverbund Mikrobielle Genomforschung (IMG)). The association was renamed Industrial Association White Biotechnology (IWBio) in 2009.

All member companies share the same vision - to promonte industrial use of biotechnology beyond company boundaries in co-operations. The synergies between partner companies are harnessed to use the collected experiences from science and business in pre-competition research projects. This is the chosen route before a background of rising global competition, a volatile raw materials market with rising prices as well as as the dramatic increase in scientific knowledge in biotechnology.

White biotechnology: future technology with a sustainable potential

The definition of the term "White Biotechnology", first presented at the EuropaBIO, speaks of "using nature's toolbox for industrial purposes". In other words: white biotechnology seeks out naturally occurring solutions and integrates these into industrial processes.

White or industrial biotechnology will have a strong influence on many industrial sectors in the coming 10 to 30 years by helping to successfully implement a sustainable transformation process. The Cologne Paper, commissioned by the German Presidency of the European Council in 2007, discussed the economic prospects of white biotechnology and concludes that "white biotechnology and bio-energy products will have a one third share of total European industrial production by 2030, worth about € 300 billion".

Latest News of our Members

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