Joining IWBio

Members of IWBio are in equal parts major industrial corporations and technology-oriented small and medium-sized companies. IWBio forms the link between companies from diverse market sectors ranging from nutrition, cosmetics/personal care, pharmacology and consumer goods to crop protection and classical chemical industry all sharing a common technological interest in pre-competition research.

The association consists of corporate members only. Currently more than twenty companies have active membership in the association. These include very young, technology-driven companies as well as those who are well-established in a wide range of different markets. The Industrial Association White Biotechnology is a unique industrial platform representing the full range of industrial uses of white biotechnology. IWBio is very much interested in welcoming more industrial and technology companies as active members. Additional information and membership requirements are described in the current version of the constitution. The constitution and membership application form are available for download (PDF in German Version).

Membership Application

Do you want to become a member of the IWBio?

Download the membership application form here. (PDF in German version)

You can find our statute here. (PDF in German version)

In cases of questions or suggestions, please contact us here: +49 (0)30-374415-850